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Wreckers with Wrenches Club

Do you like to figure out how things work or like to take things apart? Do you watch too much top gear and F1 but never had a shop to tinker around. Do you want to know what magical wizardry happens under the hood of your car! Then Wreckers with Wrenches is the right place for you! No prior experience required! All levels are welcome, from a mechanical inclination to a novice!
Wreckers with Wrenches will provide excellent knowledge of automotive practices, repairs, and maintenance, bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and practical, real-world skill sets. It will allow students to explore other career opportunities outside the traditional academic route of college or university into trades. Lastly, Wreckers with Wrenches hopes to create an automotive culture at Staples, bringing together students, faculty, parents, and the greater Westport community.

Find your untapped potential by joining us in the Tech-Ed room on Fridays from 3:00-4:45pm!

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Dan Ungureanu, Thomas Honohan, & Chris Innaco Oliver Hallgarten Rhodes Redd

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