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Wreckers in Tune

Staples High School prides itself in its variety of after school activities. Of these 100+ clubs, Wreckers In Tune stands out above the rest as one of the fast-growing and most popular Staples has to offer. The club is centered around the idea of gathering the musically gifted students and applying that talent by performing to give back to the local community. Composed of nearly 100 multifaceted students from all walks of music and life, Wreckers In Tune strives to make every performance its best. Our club’s efforts are directed towards giving back to the community that has given us so much—nursing homes, Toquet Hall, or anywhere in between. We cover any and all genres. From classical to contemporary and rock to ragtime, we have it all. We typically perform on Thursday evenings. Custom dates/times for performances are available upon request. Performances are usually 45-60 minutes in length. Although there are nearly 100 participants in the club, we bring only 10-15 members per show to ensure premier cohesion without an overwhelming number of acts. If you need a custom length of time, or a custom amount of performers—either less or more—please let us At Staples High School, the athletic mascot is the “Wrecker,” a construction worker. When founding the club, we decided we were going to function the same as any other team, building camaraderie and working toward a mutual goal. Thus, our team name, like all others from Staples, is the Wreckers. The “In Tune” part of our name came from what we do: play music. Moreover, just as we are In Tune to our music, we are also In Tune to our community. That’s Wreckers In Tune.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Carrie Mascaro Alyssa Lee Zoe Schwartz

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