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Stars of Hope

In our club Stars of Hope, we will decorate wooden stars bought from the Stars of Hope organization with kind and hopeful messages. We will then send these stars to communities or locations going through tough times. For example, during the current COVID 19 crisis, stars have been shipped to hospitals to spread light and gratitude to many first responders. We will continuously make stars to upload to social media to show others our mission and spread awareness. The club not only gives back to communities in times of crisis but contributes to feelings of self-worth. The process of painting a star builds feelings of optimism, positivity, empowerment, and resilience for not only the maker but the receiver. Members also have the opportunity to learn about empathy and compassion, for they are going to be giving back to the community. In addition, this club would be a branch of a national organization that has reached 31 countries and 283 communities so far. Club members will have the chance to learn about people in difficult and diverse situations who are grateful to receive this act of kindness.

Link to the national website for more information:

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Stacey Phelan Emily Goldstein Eva Simonte


To receive more information about joining the Stars of Hope Club, click here.
Access Stars of Hope Club and their Google Classroom here.

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