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Staples Young Republicans

SYR is a club dedicated to promoting the ideas of free enterprise, civil liberty, small government, and the constrained vision of human nature. We work with the Westport Republican Party for local events, like helping out with elections, in order to give volunteering and paid work opportunities to our members. Anyone that wants to join can. 

We also collaborate with other clubs and freely discuss different political, social, and economic ideas. While we aim to emphasize our own policies, we want to create a space for any kind of political thought to be discussed. For example, we will hold debates where any student can attend and express their thoughts on a particular topic. 

Our ultimate goal is to increase the total amount of discourse and involvement among students. In pursuing this, we aim to create issue polls open to all students, and posters around the school detailing different local and national candidates with objective information, among other activities (any opinions of ours will clearly be labelled as such).

While we agree with a significant amount of the policy and mentality of the GOP, we do not universally support the national Republican party’s actions. We disagree in particular with their recent move toward increased populism, civil authoritarianism, and fiscal irresponsibility. We favor a move back to classical liberalism and social and economic freedom.

While we aim to have weekly meetings on Thursdays, this is not definite and we will sort out our schedule to best fit all of our club members.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
David Rollison Gasper Olea Alan Becker


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