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Sikorsky STEM Challenge

The Sikorsky STEM Challenge is a competition among 8 to 10 Connecticut High Schools. The Team solves a specified engineering problem over the course of a school year, ending in May. In 2021-22, teams were asked to design a system for a Martian helicopter/probe that could map out the safest landing spot in unknown terrain and land an egg safely from a 1 meter drop. Each year, a new engineering challenge is designed by a team of Sikorsky engineers in order to promote Sikorsky to future local engineering students, promote realistic STEM education in the state of Connecticut, give Sikorsky engineering staff mentoring opportunities and provide opportunities for out of the box creative thinking in how to solve Aerospace and Helicopter-related problems. Students and teachers/coaches have the opportunity to meet the engineers who have designed the challenge and work closely with them in developing their possible solutions.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Humphrey Wong Samantha Paris Rebecca Schussheim & Tegh Singh

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