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Lifetime of Love

Lifetime of Love’s purpose is to make senior citizens in nursing homes happier by supplying them with our positive energy. We will make crafts while talking to our peers and then deliver them to the nursing home. We know that the pandemic has caused many to feel alone, especially those in nursing homes where the contagion risk is higher. We want to draw away their fear from the pandemic by bringing gifts and letting them know that we are there for them. As the worries from the pandemic start to fade away, we will start visiting the nursing home once a month, but we will have meetings bi-weekly in between. Join our club to support the elderly who need us the most.
Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
David Mikita Gillian Nishi Natalie Greene


To receive more information about joining the Lifetime of Love, click here.
Access the Lifetime of Love Club and their Google Classroom here.

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