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Latinx Club

The purpose of the Latinx Culture and Appreciation Club is to educate, raise funds for Latinx artists, create a supportive environment, and connect with Latinx communities at a local and global scale. The list of possible activities goes on, like learning to cook authentic dishes, fundraising by selling traditional Latinx desserts, selling bracelets made by Latinx artists, making Spanish worry dolls, and much more. We will celebrate Latinx culture through food, music, and crafts in an uplifting way while also raising awareness for this minority.  If you do not consider yourself to be Latinx, no worries! We encourage everyone, despite their race, ethnicity, gender, or age to join. It’s crucial that students here at Staples are exposed to new cultures and educate themselves on how other communities thrive and live.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Priscilla Wentworth Sacha Maidique Charlotte Moody

To receive more information about joining the Latinx Club, click here.
Access the Latinx Club and their Google Classroom here.

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