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Junior State of America

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The Junior State of America (JSA) is the largest student-run organization in the United States. JSA is a national, nonpartisan, high school student-led organization centered around political debate, leadership, government, civic engagement, and activism. The organization has different levels, starting with the local chapters and building into JSA states (we're in the Northeast State, consisting of CT, NY, and MA). Every Thursday, students run their own meetings where they debate topics of interest, develop and sharpen their public speaking skills, go over activism and fundraising initiatives, and joke and laugh. The Northeast State has three overnight/multi-day conventions each year and several one-day conventions that allow students from many different schools and states the opportunity to meet, debate and discuss important issues, listen to exciting keynote speakers, explore cities like Boston, Providence, and D.C, and make friends.

Faculty Advisors Student Representative Student Representative
Brendan Giolitto & Sam Goldberg Maia Gubitz Alyssa Lee & Benjamin Enos


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