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Italian Club (Il Circolo Italiano)

The Italian Club (il Circolo Italiano) at Staples High School in Westport, CT is both a service club that raises money to help support Centro la Tenda in Naples, Italy, and a social club that will teach students more about the Italian language and culture through music, food, presentations, and movies.

Centro la Tenda is a community center, based in the center of Naples, which works as an after-school program for at-risk children in the area.  Kids are helped with their homework, learn English, take field trips around the city, and learn life skills.  The center offers a safe place for the children to go after school so that they can avoid the rough streets of Naples.

In the fall of 2016, Centro la Tenda began a cultural exchange program with the students at Staples High School and the Earthplace After School Enrichment Program in Westport, CT.  Over the years, our students have sent bi-monthly videos that, amongst other topics, showcase our school, our town, and our cooking and holiday traditions. In turn, we have received videos about the hobbies and interests of the children at Centro la Tenda, and have even learned some proverbs in Neapolitan dialect!  The Italian-American exchange has enriched the lives of all of the children involved and we hope to continue and expand the program in the future!

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Louisa D'Amore Caroline Motyl David Sedrak


To receive more information about joining the Italian Club Club, click here.
Access the Italian Club and their Google Classroom here.

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