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A chapter of the UN Women organization by the same name, this club aims to engage students of both genders in learning, educating, and advocating for gender equality in their own communities and fuel the movement supported by millions around the world that creates a better, more equal and understanding world, one person at a time. We want to correct the widespread assumption that feminism and being a feminist can only apply to females. This club encourages the participation of all students—not solely females.

Meetings for this club will mainly be talking about topical gender issues, not only ones occurring on a global/national level, but also in our own community and school. Members will be able to share their own personal experiences and we will discuss what we can and should do as a whole to address these issues. 

  • Inspire other students to commit to the HeForShe movement.

  • Inspire others through social media,

  • Will be bringing in speakers/heads of organizations to talk about gender inequality

  • Will hold events to gather more commitments and educate others 

  • Will attend other events (ex: sports games) to promote our cause

  • Will connect with other clubs and more 

Faculty Advisor Student Leader
Nell-Ayn Lynch Anna Diorio


To receive more information about joining the HeForShe Club, click here.
Access the HeForShe Club and their Google Classroom here.

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Recent News

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Special “B” Day Schedule for Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Following period 8 dismissal, students and staff will have the opportunity to engage in Wellness and Enrichment Activities throughout the school. Please note, period 7 will meet before lunch.


Special Homecoming/Pep Rally “D” Day Schedule for Friday, October 22, 2021

The SHS Pep Rally will be held on Friday, October 22nd from 1:50-2:45 outside in the football Stadium. Escort your Period 6 classes down to the stadium at the end of the period (please wait for the announcement over the PA). If you have a free period or a duty period during period 6, please report to the stadium to assist with supervision.

All Friday classes will be shortened. Please note that period 5 will meet before the lunch period - period 8 on this Friday “A” Day Schedule.

Read More about Special Schedules: Wednesday, October 20 and Friday, Oct. 22, 2021

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