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Girls in Power

Girls in Power is a proactive feminist club designed to empower the next generation of women to pursue their interests and support other female leaders, in spite of preexisting, sexist gender “norms” within the workplace and beyond. GIP seeks to spread awareness of the challenges faced by women in the workplace as well as connect aspiring young women to experts in their field of interest, thereby demonstrating that they, too, can be successful and recognized in their profession. Additionally, GIP desires to strengthen our local community by working with other organizations and giving back to women in-need.

GIP’s efforts include activism in terms of distributing fliers throughout Staples, participating in service initiatives such as conducting fundraisers/various drives for local women’s shelters, as well as hosting interactive “Speaker Series” interviews with role models in different fields (e.g., sports, politics, entrepreneurship, medicine, etc.)

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Jeri Hockensmith Julia Herlyn  


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