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Educate the Elementary

Educate the Elementary is a great way for students to make a positive impact, especially with elementary school kids' learning experience! Every month, we choose books based on a month's topic (ie: Women's history month, pride month, etc). Then, we record ourselves reading and send it via flipgrid to the elementary schools! For this club, you can write a script for the readers to read or be a reader yourself! Educate the Elementary is a great way to make an impact in our community as well as make an impact for k-5th graders! We plan to meet once a month to discuss the topics. Fill out the form, and join our google classroom link!
Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor Student Representative
Nicole Moeller Jennifer Cirino Anya Nair

To receive more information about joining the Educate the Elementary Club, click here.
Access Educate the Elementary Club and their Google Classroom here.

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