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Donations to People and Pets

The club's goal is to obtain as many perishables, pet products and other needed objects as possible and donate them to the organizations Donations for People and Pets work with. This evergrowing lists includes Fridgeport, Animal Humane Society, Filling in the Blanks, Open Doors, and Goodwill. DPP is a mutual aid program that collects fresh food, pet products, linens and other needed products that help increase the comfort of the less fortunate and take care of animals. This club's goal will be to involve Westport and the Staples students in areas outside the privileged community and promote solidarity between people of all backgrounds. Similar to the can drive done in Westport’s middle schools, this club will have month long drives that focus around one organization. During this month all Staples students are encouraged to donate materials . This food will then be transported to the nearest collection area of the month’s organization. For example, if the organization of the month is Fridgeport, a non profit that collects fresh produce, Staples Students will be encouraged to donate fresh produce. For organizations where the products are time sensitive such as Fridgeport the donations will be dropped off multiple times throughout the month. Once a month, there will be special events such as raffles or bake sales to boost morale and encourage donations.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Kristin Leahy Samantha Sandrew Ryder Levine


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