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Contemporary Film Analysis

This club will discuss and analyze films and popular culture, including why some films are more popular than others. Our purpose is to further our passion of film and interact with fellow students who share the same passion. Due to COVID-19 we will meet through zoom. Depending on the resources that students have, we can use one of the below resources: Amazon screen share, Zoom screen share, Discord Screen Share, Netflix party, or Watch2gether to watch films. We will control the playing and pausing of the film/content and can take breaks to answer questions students may have. At the end of a film, we will analyze the film making techniques and themes of the story through a group discussion. In advance, we will also prepare a google slides presentation, including key themes and analysis of the film, and share it through zoom so that everyone can view the presentation. We could also include monthly “clip contests” where members make a short clip based on film making techniques we learned from the films we watched. These will be uploaded to google drive and then shared/critiqued through screen sharing.

Faculty Advisor Student Representative Student Representative
Geno Heiter Wyatt Glenn Joseph Mussomeli

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