The Staples High School community inspires learning, fosters integrity, and nurtures empathy.

Class of 2025


To the Class of 2025
Welcome to Staples High School!



Assistant Principal: Patrick Micinilio

(203) 341-1492|

Grade Level Assistant: Karla Quinn

(203) 341-1459|

AP Secretary: Maryann Garcia

(203) 341-1280| 


Use this page to explore the myriad of resources at Staples, but know that you are never alone. We pride ourselves on our unwavering willingness to assist all students and provide the support to succeed. Establish connections with your teachers, counselors, support staff members, and administrators, and always maintain a balance between your academics, activities, and social life so that you can reach your potential in a healthy manner. Use your four years as a time to broaden your horizons and make your high school experience a memorable one. I look forward to getting to know you and your families over the next four years. 

- Mr. Micinilio, Class of 2025 Assistant Principal