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At a recent ceremony, the Westport Public Schools World Languages department honored 75 Staples High School students for their years-long commitment to fostering a deep connection to language by inducting them into one of six honor societies.

Along with demonstrating academic excellence by holding a 4.0 average for five consecutive semesters in language courses, requirements for induction also include maintaining an overall average GPA of 3.0 during that same time and exhibiting the personal attributes of student leadership, service to the school and community, and character.

“World languages offer a window into the cultures, histories, and perspectives of communities around the globe, giving us insight into the human condition,” said Maria Zachery, World Languages Department Coordinator. “We are proud to have prepared our students to communicate on the global stage - intellectually, culturally, and emotionally.”

In addition to the honor society faculty advisors, World Language Department teachers across the district were celebrated for their contributions to the experience of all students who study a world language.<

2024 inductees included:

Società Onoraria Italica (Italian)
Advisor, Enia Noonan
Inductees: Kellen Archibald, Jona Bernstein, Nina Bowens, Ariana Brodows, Luca Caniato, Kristin Devine, Hayden Frey, Christina Kavanah, Brooke Saporta, Joley Sarro, Jack Srihari

Delta Epsilon Phi (German)
Advisor, Liubov Ulianova
Inductees: Mattias Bassler, Lana Diggin, Hugo Emil Jacques, Layla Retcho, Preston Siroka

Zhōngwén Róngyù Xuéhuì (Chinese)
Advisor, Chris Fray
Inductees: Lucas Ceballos-Cala, Matthew Guadarrama, Nathaniel Hordon, Lily Hultgren, Alexis Krenzer, Annam Olasewere, Ayaan Olasewere, Tyla Ozgen, Cooper Paul, Ethen Perry, Andrew Rebello, Jacob Rybchin, Ryder Levine, Sorel Kennedy, Siena Petrosinelli

Associationem Ad Promovendum Studium Latinum (Latin)
Advisor, Perry Tavenner
Inductees: Sanchit Arora, Alessandra Gavriloiu, Shreyas Gorre, Spencer Gottlieb, Zachary Gottlieb, Madeline Hendley, Anna Kercher, Angelina Matra, Samantha Sandrew, Danielle Schwartz, Matthew Stashower, Ryan Tzou

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish)
Advisor, Andrea Vielmetti
Inductees: Zachary Beebe, Charlotte Berner, Kendra Cheng, Molly Dubson, Lucy Fischer, Katherine Fitzgerald, Ruby Kantor, Kylie Kirkham, Calum Madigan, Paige Miller, Logan Noorily, Lily Rimm, Sloan Robinson, Kate Rodriguez, Sam Rossoni, Megan Sargent, Sophie Statkiewcz, Jackson Tracey

Société Honoraire de Français (French)
Advisor, Natalie Clay
Inductees: Sofia Alarcon-Frias, Alessandro Alderucci, Anna Berrod Cassimatis, Mia Bomback, Audrey Curtis, Isabelle Flynn, Isabelle Khamish, Annabelle Lott, Zelie Saounatsos, Madeleine Saounatsos, Henrik Schreiner, Grace Zhang, Sam Zick-Lavinsky

German inductees with their advisor

Liuba Ulianova with the German inductees: (left to right) Lana Diggin, Layla Retcho, Preston Siroka, Hugo Jacques


Natalie Clay introduces the French inductees

Natalie Clay introduces the French inductees