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Visitor's Policy


Adopted by Principals/TSO Administrators, 4/28/98. Modified 2/25/02

Rationale: The school system recognizes the need to balance an open and welcoming atmosphere with the need to assure stability and continuity, to safeguard against disruption of the educational process, and to insure the security of the school. The principal has the authority to make decisions about all visitors to schools and classes, using the following guidelines.

Adults/not Parents of Resident Students

The School System Information Office at the Board of Education office in Town Hall School Office provides extensive written material about the system, and the assistant to the superintendent is available to meet briefly with potential residents to answer general questions. School staff members’ time should not be occupied responding to non-parent adult visitors or potential students, except under rare and carefully controlled circumstances.

  1. We do not provide tours of schools or meetings with principals for parents of potential residents or potential tuition students.
  2. Guidance counselors and other staff members are fully occupied with professional responsibilities, and cannot meet to describe the Westport program or to discuss specific programs for students who are not yet Westport residents.
  3. Because of the need for security at all of our schools, we do not encourage visitors to enter school or walk around after school hours.

Parents of Current Students

We orient parents through many means, including curriculum materials, PTA meetings, special programs, written communications, and Back to School Nights. We hold special parents’ meetings at transition points into elementary, middle school and high school. Visits to Westport classrooms by parents will not be permitted unless as part of the process necessary to determine or develop programming for a disabled student.



Staples’ students are prohibited from inviting visitors for all day visits. The reasons for this are:

  1. To ensure the safety of Staples’ students and faculty.
  2. Visitors are often a distraction to the educational process.

Former Students

While SHS understands that periodically throughout the school year graduates of Staples High School will want to return to see former teachers and mentors, the following practices should be followed to ensure the continuity of learning and an educational environment free from distraction.

  1. Former students may visit school after the school day has ended.
  2. Former students may enter the building after the final bell has rung for the day and after buses have left the parking lot.
  3. Former students visiting individual teachers or other faculty members should contact those staff members prior to their visit.
  4. Former students returning shall maintain the decorum as prescribed by the student handbook and be respectful of current students and staff.

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