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Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit


Staples High School and APYLS Logos



Angela Ji, Daniel Westphal and Sophie McCabe will represent Staples High School at the HCI-APYLS 2018 event. Mrs. Jacquelyn Mellin, Assistant Principal at Bedford Middle School, will chaperone the delegates.

As one of the premier schools in Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution is poised to contribute in no small way to their nation's endeavor to be an outstanding economy. Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is eager to share its success with other high performing schools and to learn from others. For that reason, HCI has organized the Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit which takes place in July. HCI invites only the top student leaders from some of the best schools around the world to the Summit. In previous years, student participants came from Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, US and Singapore.

For the past six years, Westport has been invited to send three juniors who are both high performing students AND interested in world affairs with a special interest in Asia. The criteria used by HCI are: a) you must be between 16 and 17 years of age; b) you must possess good oral and written proficiency; c) you must have substantial leadership experience and potential; d) you must be academically able and among the top performers in the school; e) you must possess enthusiasm and strong interest in forging ties with fellow students from around the world. The delegation of students invited to HCI is select, with only about 80 students on campus for the duration of the conference.

Congratulations to the delegates who will join students from Scarsdale High School (New York) and Old Dominion High School (Virginia) as representatives from the United States!

Hwa Chong APYLS 2018 Delegates

Sophie, Daniel and Angela at the Summit. This year’s theme was “IGNITE: Rekindling our Dreams”. This year delegates came from 13 countries and 28 schools from around the globe to gather, collaborate, and exchange ideas.


Sophie, Daniel and Angela at the 2018 Summit