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Olympics for World Languages "OWLS"

On Monday, May 16th, Staples students of German, Italian, and Spanish competed at the first annual Olympics for World Languages at Southern CT State University, and once again Staples students honored our school with their accomplishments!

Our German and Italian students finished in 3rd place and our Spanish students finished in 2nd place in this state-wide competition!

The following Students competed in the events:


Kyra Dal Bello, Tristan Hochman, Evan Hruskar, Bryan Penwell, Hope Penwell and Andrew Weissberg


Matteo Broccolo, Shane Dasbach, Johnny Donovan, Hayley Foote, Bianca Lotti and Francesca Truitt


Nicole Arellano, Juliana Hopper, Alyssa Hyman, Brooke Kessler, Max Popken and Anna Sivinski

Pictured above are the German students with their 3rd place trophy.

Pictured above are the Italian student participants.

Congratulations to all of our students!