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Technology Education

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Department Chair: Patrick Micinilio 203--341-1492


Technology Education helps students develop an understanding of how to use, manage, and evaluate technology. This is accomplished through a wide-ranging, activity-based program which focuses on using resources to adapt to one’s physical environment. Students have the opportunity to develop and apply creative thinking skills and abilities with hands-on project-based learning experiences. They will develop these skills and abilities by conducting their own research, designing, creating simulations, prototyping, modeling, problem solving, and, ultimately, experimenting.

The purpose of the program is to expose students to a variety of technological systems and occupations. The emphasis of the course is conceptual, and it focuses on the development of problem solving abilities rather than specific skill development. The activity-focused lab experience reinforces abstract concepts with concrete hands-on experiences. Students enrolled in the Technology Education classes will develop their knowledge and skills by demonstrating that they are proficient in using a variety of industry-related equipment, by assuming a leadership role on group projects, and by showing their ability to be creative problem solvers who can plan ahead and implement those plans in within the workshop.

The Technology Education curriculum at the high school includes:

  • Technology Education I and II

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