The Staples High School community inspires learning, fosters integrity, and nurtures empathy.

Pupil Services

School Psychologists

Daniel Cohen Psychologist 203-341-1226

Alycia Dadd

Psychologist 203-341-1252

Kristen Plumeau-Cheng

Psychologist 203-341-1227

Thomas Viviano


School psychologists are available to evaluate students who are experiencing learning or adjustment difficulties. Individual and/or group counseling is provided to students for personal or interpersonal concerns. Consultation is provided to administrators, teachers, and parents to assist a student’s learning and/or adjustment.

Social Workers

Jenna Giordano Social Worker

Kathryn Mahoney Social 203-341-1224
Yasu Wade Social Worker 203-341-1455

A social worker provides the following services: psycho-social assessment, crisis intervention, and counseling for students, groups and families. Social workers also collaborate and consult with staff as well as provide a link between home, school and community.