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Special Education Department

Department Administrators

Rosemarie Ampha  Assistant Principal, Special Education 203-341-1239
Jessica Lennon Secretary, Special Education 203-341-1240
Emily Barksdale Secretary, Planning & Placement Team 203-341-1223


Special Education Staff

The Staples Special Education Department offers a comprehensive program of education and support service for students who are eligible for services. Programs are designed to meet student needs based upon an individualized education plan.

Special Education should be considered only after adjustments and remedial strategies have been designed, implemented and evaluated in the regular educational program through a pre-referral process. There is a formal referral, assessment and placement process for special education that must conform to state law. Parents who believe their child may have a disability and require special education services should contact their child’s school.

Please find the link for the guidance document from CT State Dept, Building a Bridge HERE, which provides information on how to be proactive in ensuring that goals for self-advocacy, college, training, employment and/or independent living are included in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in preparation for the transition from high school to young adult life.