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Students are expected to pursue their interests in their chosen content area independently. To support their independent studies, students must find a faculty mentor. The faculty member will take on the role of the Independent Learning Experience mentor if they feel they have time in their schedule to balance supporting a student’s project and the needs of the students (extra help, writing conferences etc.) enrolled in their regular course load.

Once students are paired with their faculty member, this staff member is the student's content area specialist for their Independent Learning Experience. Participating students engaging in any Independent Learning Experience are expected to schedule meetings with this mentor at least once a month. If a student is a teacher assistant (TA), the expectation is for them to meet with their mentor weekly. During these meetings, mentors can ensure students are making progress with their Independent Learning Experiences; students will review their work thus far, given their timeline. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. It is the student's responsibility to schedule regular meetings with their mentor throughout the span of their Independent Learning Experience to meet the requirements of the program.

Throughout the student's Independent Learning Experience, the mentor will provide feedback of the student's progress and content proficiency. At the conclusion of the experience, the mentor has the option of being present for the review panel where credit is awarded.

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