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Getting Started

Step 1: Submit a Proposal

To engage in an Independent Learning Experience, students must complete the proposal form and return it in an e-mail attachment to This proposal must be based on student-driven, self-designed interests and goals to create their framework of study, rather than the student following an outside curriculum, teacher’s, or department coordinator’s directives.

Step 2: Create a Plan

Once the proposal is received by the Independent Learning Teacher, the student will be asked to arrange a meeting to review next steps, which is a more formalized plan that includes:

  • The reason why you are proposing a Personalized Learning Plan
  • The goals you hope to achieve
  • The skills you will acquire through this experience
  • The specific steps involved in achieving your goals, in the form of a timeline
  • The artifacts you will produce that demonstrate your learning along the way and the end product
  • The primary mode of your learning (Online, Independent Study, Other, Combination)

This formal plan will be submitted to the Independent Learning teacher for feedback, and upon revisions, the student will then complete a contract for engaging in a semester or year-long Independent Learning Experience.

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