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End Products

No matter the design of the student's Independent Learning Experience, all participants will create an end product to represent each student's learning. The student will present this end product at the conclusion of their Independent Learning Experience in front of a committee comprised of educators, including a subject-specific content specialist; administrators; and guidance counselors.

This review panel uses two rubrics to assess all Independent Learning Experience students; one of these is specifically the presentation rubric, and the other is the rubric for the Independent Learning Experience as a whole, factoring in aspects such as reflections on learnings and work ethic. Please see the attached rubrics for details.

Student Samples

Please click the image to view the complete student end product!

Art: Welding

Art: Portfolio Presentation

Culinary TA: Website & Videos

Quantum Mechanics: Introductory Guide


Teacher's Assistant Highlight Reel

Application Creation: Shot Tracker

World Language:
Russian Children's Book

Culinary: Recipe Book


Feminist Movement

Science: Quasars

Graphic Design:
Children's Book

Science Research

Samples of Independent Learning Experiences

This is an array of Independent Learning Experiences students have explored thus far:

ScienceMathSocial StudiesEnglishWorld Language

Health and Wellness

Theater, Music and Media



Science Research
Linear Algebra
The Coal Industry in America
Study of Feminist Movements
Teacher's Assistant: Mandarin
Integration of Sexual Harassment in Curricula

Teacher's Assistant

Teacher's Assistant Blog

Application CreationDifferential EquationsLGBTQ+ Integration in Curricula

Novel or Short Story Writing

American Sign Language

Mental Health Narrative filmPastry ExplorationGraphic Design

International Relations

Literature of Engineering

Russian Studies

Composing and DirectingHow-To Cooking VideosChildren's Book Creation
Study of QuasarsPolitical PodcastsMemoirCroatian StudiesLearning a New InstrumentRecipe CreationDigital Photography
CriminologyChild Development Children's Book WritingTurkish StudiesFashion Design
Quantum MechanicsAnimation
Infectious Diseases
Equine Studies
Machine Learning