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Credit and Assessment

Credit and assessment for an Independent Learning Experience will be awarded in the following ways:

  • Pass/Fail
  • 0.5 credit for semester Independent Learning; 1.0 credit for full-year Independent Learning

Once the Independent Learning Experience begins, students will be in regular communication with the Independent Learning Teacher. Each month, students will be required to update their materials for their independent learning either through in-person meetings with the Independent Learning Teacher or electronically through a shared folder.

Students are allowed to enroll in one full credit of independent learning per academic year, which can be each semester for two different Independent Learning Experiences, or a full year for one extended Independent Learning Experience. If students wish to pursue more than one full credit of Independent Learning, they must receive permission from the Director of Guidance, their guidance counselor and their grade-level Assistant Principal.

The add-drop period for an Independent Learning Experience is thirty days after the new semester begins, as is the case for all academic courses at the high school. If a student drops the Independent Learning Experience after the 30th school day of the term, the student will receive a W (Withdrawn) up to the last day of the 1st or 3rd quarter. At the beginning of the 2nd or 4th quarter, the student will receive a WP (Withdrawn Passing) if the student is passing the class at that time or a WF (Withdrawn Failing) if the student is failing the class at that time.

Review Panel

Students opting to participate in an Independent Learning Experience are also agreeing to showcase and present their work at the conclusion of their studies. A review panel is assembled featuring content area specialists, the Independent Learning Experience teacher, administrators, as well as other school staff. Mentors provide feedback on their student's work before the panel meets, and are also invited to participate on the review panel.

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