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Staples Resilience Project

Photo of Resilience Project Staff

All of us—parents, teachers, and counselors alike—care deeply about the education, growth, and well-being of our young adults. We parent them, we teach them, and we help guide them as they grapple with figuring out their own unique combination of interests, assets and values. We are all in this together to give them the tools they need to continue this growth throughout their lives and to become the well-adjusted, thriving individuals we all hope they will ultimately become.

Crucial to their continued growth is resilience, the ability to cope with life’s inevitable disappointments and injustices. The Staples Resilience Project was developed over the course of the 2012-2013 school year in response to a seeming rise in the number of Westport students at both the high school and middle school level, who struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress-related crises, and who would benefit from continuing to develop resilience as an asset. Many of our students are not coping well with the pressure they feel to excel, and this can manifest itself in varying degrees as low self-esteem, worry, anxiety, depression, self-harm and substance abuse.

As counselors, we are constantly researching, collaborating with colleagues, and looking for ways to support our students and to help them find balance, strength, and direction. You, as parents and teachers, are very much the front line: you are with these wonderful young adults every day. We hope to use this project as a forum for sharing with you some of the information and resources that we have found helpful in this area. We hope that you will find it useful, as well!