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Institutional Scholarships and Grants:

Many colleges and universities offer scholarships and grants to their students. Students may be automatically considered for these as part of the general admission application, or there may be a separate application required. Depending on the college, a student may need to apply by a date earlier than their intended application deadline to also be considered for scholarship money. It is essential for students to check the financial aid page of each institution they apply to for specific details about available money and the application process.

Staples High School Scholarships:

  • Staples Tuition Grants: Staples Tuition Grants (STG) provides tuition assistance to Staples High School seniors with demonstrated financial need, helping to close the gap between what their family can afford and the expected cost of tuition at the student’s chosen college or trade school. Deadline: TBD
  • Westport P.A.L. Scholarship: The Westport Police Athletic League is proud to provide college scholarships to seniors at Staples High School who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and contribution to the school community. Submit application to Ms. Zeigler at Deadline: TBD
  • Drew Friedman Community Arts Center Scholarship: Scholarships based on financial need, current participation in and intent to pursue art, submission of 8 digital images of their artwork and a 500 word essay describing the importance of art in their life and in the world. Submit artwork and essay to: Deadline: TBD
  • Westport Woman’s Club Scholarship: These scholarship awards are based on financial need, academic achievement (no lower than 3.0 academic GPA), community service, and extracurricular activities. Deadline: TBD
  • Westport Police Benevolent Association Scholarships: Scholarships for students interested in criminal justice, law enforcement, or a related field. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and no disciplinary action for acts deemed harmful to the health, safety, or welfare of self or others. Community service or participation in athletic program(s) during junior or senior year is also required. Deadline: TBD
  • Fairfield County Community Foundation's Staples High School Designated Scholarships: Submit application to Ms. Zeigler at Deadline: TBD
    • Excellence in Education Scholarship: based on academic achievement, financial need, demonstrated leadership, and extracurricular activities, including community service.
    • Charles A Dana Cultural Scholarship: based on academic achievement, school and community leadership, financial need, and a commitment to pursuing an academic curriculum at the college level in some area of the arts.
    • Frederick A. DeLuca Scholarship: based on academic achievement (no lower than a 3.0 academic GPA), participation in extracurricular activities, employment while attending school, and demonstrated financial need.

Fairfield County Scholarships:

College Scholarship Search Engines:

Families should always be cautious when considering the source of scholarships. No fee should ever be paid for scholarship services nor should any organization guarantee a student a scholarship.