The Staples High School community inspires learning, fosters integrity, and nurtures empathy.

About Staples School Counseling

School Counselor-Student Assignments

Students are assigned to a school counselor primarily using an alphabetical system upon entering the ninth grade. They will be assigned to the same school counselor for their four years of high school. Students may schedule a meeting using their school counselor's google calendar. School counselors are available to students for personal, academic and post-high school counseling.

Philosophy and Mission Statement


The Staples High School Guidance Department values every student. Our philosophy is predicated on the belief that each student is a developing, capable, and unique individual who will learn from experience and grow personally and educationally throughout adolescence. We believe helping students to understand themselves will assist them in making sound decisions today and in their future.

Mission Statement

The Staples High School Guidance Department supports our school’s mission to “inspire learning, foster integrity and nurture empathy.” Toward that end, we strive to provide each student with a developmentally appropriate program that fosters an understanding of, and appreciation for, one’s unique self. Based on the Connecticut School Counseling Association model, our counseling services are proactive, developmental, and responsive to the unique needs of every student. We cultivate balance, strength, direction, and resilience. Our specific services, delivered by way of individual and group meetings, are geared toward enabling each student to develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills necessary for them to achieve their goals and lead successful adult lives in an increasingly complex and diverse society.

What do School Counselors do?

Professional school counselors, formerly referred to as "guidance counselors," provide a wide range of services in the schools, based on individual student needs, strengths, interests and goals. Staples school counselors are an integral part of the total educational experience through which students prepare for meaningful and rewarding lives as productive members of a changing society. Throughout the year, school counselors see students in all grade levels with academic as well as social and emotional issues. Urgent situations may arise that are treated as highest priority. PPTs and 504s, meetings, conferring with teachers, parents, nurses and administrators, as well as phone calls and emails take time and are all necessary to do the job right. School counselors are often the first person that students, parents, and school staff come to with a question or concern. School counselors strive for personalization, are passionate about their job, and work hard to do the very best they can for their students.

Counseling Services focus on three main aspects of development, described in detail below:

  • Academic - Academic Guidance
  • College/Career - College and career awareness, exploration and planning services
  • Personal/Social - Social, emotional counseling services to students and their families

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available to all students to help them understand their individual strengths, set goals, and assist them in planning an appropriate program of studies. Counselors, teachers and parents work together to support and encourage all students in reaching their full potential.

Some of the areas in which a counselor can work with students and parents are:

  • Planning a high school program relevant to the student's interests, abilities, and post-high school plans
  • Checking in on each student's progress in their current courses
  • Consulting with teachers and other school staff regarding student performance
  • Counseling students experiencing academic difficulty and developing strategies for improvement, including referrals to various academic resources at the high school
  • Monitoring credit status leading to graduation

College/Career Counseling

Post-high school counseling is provided to all students through individual and group-based activities. Designed to help students identify and clarify their abilities, interests, and goals, school counselors assist students in making appropriate educational and career-based decisions. The Guidance Department follows a developmentally appropriate post-high school planning timeline, starting in ninth grade and through senior year. For a comprehensive description of the post-high school planning process through Staples High School, see the 2019-20 Guide to Post-High School Planning and College Applications.

Personal/Social Counseling

School counselors, social workers, and school psychologists are available to all students to assist them in managing developmental issues that arise during adolescence. Staff help students to enhance self-understanding and learn effective emotion management and problem-solving skills so that they are better equipped to deal with the variety of concerns that high school students encounter. When warranted, referrals may be made to appropriate community resources.

Some of the issues and concerns that may be addressed include:

  • Academic Performance
  • Peer Relationships
  • Transition / Adjustment Challenges
  • Social Pressures
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Family Conflicts
  • Community Influences