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UConn Early College Experience

UConn Early College Experience is a concurrent enrollment program for motivated high school students. Students can take UConn courses at Staples for both high school and college credit for a fraction of the cost of normal college tuition. These challenging courses allow students to preview college work, build confidence in their readiness for college, and earn college credits that provide both an academic and a financial head start on a college degree and other post-secondary opportunities. Teachers for these courses have been certified as UConn ECE Affiliate Faculty through UConn. The UConn ECE courses at Staples High School are:

UConn Course Staples Course
ANTH 1000: Peoples and Cultures of the World Anthropology (anticipated starting with the 2024-25 school year)
ENGL 1007: Seminar in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition Seminar in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition (formerly Literacy, Identity, & Community)
FREN 3250: Global Culture in French I/

FREN 3268: Grammar and Composition

AP French Language and Culture

GERM 3233: Building Language Skills through Culture I/
GERM 3255: 20th Century German Literature

AP German Language and Culture

HRTS 1007: Introduction to Human Rights

Contemporary World Studies

ILCS 3239: Italian Composition & Conversation I/
ILCS 3240: Italian Composition & Conversation II
Italian 4 Honors
MUSI 1003: Popular Music and Diversity in American Society Popular Music and Diversity in American Society

Upon completion of the course with a passing grade, enrolled students will receive college credits from UConn. These credits are accepted at 87% of colleges and universities across the country. Note: Some colleges only accept credit for college courses taken while in high school if the course credit is not applied to high school graduation requirements. Therefore, we generally recommend that students taking ECE courses plan to exceed the 26.0 total credits required for graduation from Staples, and students may wish to consider taking courses to go beyond the individual subject area’s graduation requirement as well. For more specific information, UConn maintains a credit transfer database with the policy of each institution listed.

ECE courses are designated on the student’s Staples transcript along with the UConn ECE grade weighted at the college course level in the Weighted GPA.