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Override Form

If a student and their parent/guardian(s) wish to override a teacher’s recommendation, the student must discuss this request with the recommending teacher and complete the Override Form. Consider carefully not just the difficulty of the course being waived into, but the volume of work required for the course load overall. Potential issues that may result from overriding a teacher’s course recommendation are:

Potential issues that may result from this action are:

  • The pace or content of the course may be too rigorous and inappropriate, and the level of extra help from the teacher will not exceed that for other students.
  • It may be impossible to change levels due to schedule or space limitations; the student may have to cope with an inappropriate course for the entire year.
  • There may be summer assignments as well as concepts to which the student has not yet been introduced for which she or he will be held responsible.
  • The student may not acquire the learning and grade that she or he considers satisfactory despite their best efforts.
  • If a level change is possible to be made, the grade from the original class level will transfer to the new class level.

When pre-registering for courses online through PowerSchool, the student must select the course recommended by the teacher. Override Forms should be submitted by students via email to their school counselor with their parent/guardian cc'd on the email in order to verify permission for the override. The school counselor will then make the adjustment to the student's course requests in PowerSchool. No overrides will be accepted after the stated deadline.

Override Form (for current Staples students) (available winter 2023)

Override Form - Specific for the Grade 8 to 9 Transition (available winter 2023)

Override Deadline: TBD

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