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Connecticut State Community College High School Partnership

The High School Partnership program is designed for highly motivated, academically qualified students. Juniors and seniors with a 3.0 or higher grade point average are eligible to apply for this program. The cost is waived for tuition and fees. Students will also have full access to college support services including use of the college library, tutoring center, guided pathway advising, and career planning. Students may take up to two HSP courses per semester, outside of regular school hours; summer courses are not available through HSP, but may be taken at the student’s expense.

Students earn college credit for a successfully completed course that can be used toward a degree or certificate at NCC or transferred to another college. (Note: Some colleges will not accept transfer credit for a college course taken while in high school, or only accept credit for college courses taken while in high school if the course credit is not applied to high school graduation requirements. Therefore, we generally recommend that students taking HSP courses plan to exceed the 26.0 total credits required for graduation from Staples.) A student may apply an HSP course toward the minimum 6 courses required for full-time enrollment status at Staples. Students must select a course where there is no equivalent course offered at Staples.

In addition to the college credits earned, students will also earn Staples High School credit for an HSP one-semester three- or four-credit course. The HSP credit will count toward the student’s high school graduation requirements as additional credits only and cannot be used to satisfy any specific subject area requirement. The course name, letter grade assigned by NCC, and high school credit will appear on the Staples transcript. The grade will be weighted at the college course level in the GPA.

Click here for more information and the High School Partnership Staples Enrollment Contract.