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NCAA Eligibility & Denied Courses

The following Staples courses do not currently qualify as NCAA core courses and therefore cannot be used for NCAA initial-eligibility certification. For additional information including the list of approved courses, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center web site.



Advanced Journalism

Critical Analysis of Film & Literature

Food in Literature (English)

Graphic Narratives & Visual Literacies



Applied Math

Algebra 1C, 2C, 3C

Geometry C


Personal Financial Management

Financial Decision Making



3-D Design and Engineering

Animal Behavior

Applied Algorithmic Design

Creative Technological Solutions to Real-World Problems

Embedded Systems Programming


Materials & Design Science

Medical Terminology

Mobile App Development


Social Studies

None - all courses are NCAA-approved


World Language (considered ‘Additional Core Courses’)

Spanish 1B, 1C, 2B, 2C, 3B, and 4B are approved for .5 units only