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Scheduling an Appointment with Your Counselor

CLick here for a helpful Slideshow of instructions to follow!

Adding Your School Counselor’s Calendar

  1. You must be logged into your account.
  2. Select the Apps in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then, open up your calendar.
  3. When in your calendar, click the "+" button next to Other Calendars.
  4. Select "Subscribe to calendar."
  5. Type your school counselor's name.
  6. Click the arrow in the top left corner to return to your calendar.
  7. You can now view when your counselor is available for an appointment. (In order to view his/her calendar, make sure the small box to the left of the name is colored.)

Adding the SHS Daily Schedule Rotation Calendar

To make sure you're scheduling an appointment accurately, we recommend that you add the SHS Rotation Calendar 23-24. This calendar is View Only. To add this calendar, "SHS Rotation Cal 23-24," to your Other Calendars list in Google Calendar, just click the following link:

Scheduling an Appointment with Your School Counselor

Counselors are able to meet with students in person or virtually through Google Meet.

  1. When you look at your counselor’s calendar, “Busy” will indicate when he/she is already scheduled for an appointment. You may schedule an appointment during the school day anywhere that is not indicated as “Busy.”
  2. When you select a time, a pop-up box will appear to create an event.
    1. First, in the title section, add your first and last name.
    2. Then, adjust the time. (We recommend 15 minute increments.)
    3. If you would like to add a description of what you would like to discuss, you can do that as well.
    4. Then, select “More Options” and under “Add Guests,” type in your counselor’s name. Select the box that says, “Guests can: Modify Event."
    5. To meet virtually with your counselor, click the button that says "Add Google Meet video conferencing."
    6. Click "Save."
    7. A popup will appear stating, “Would you like to send invitations to guests?” Select “Send.”

Your meeting will be added to your calendar and your school counselor’s calendar. Your counselor can either accept the meeting request or deny it if he/she has another obligation at that time. If you need to see your counselor on the same day you are scheduling the appointment, see the school counseling secretary to schedule it.

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Upcoming Events

For a complete list of events, visit our the School Counseling Department Calendar.