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Associate Degree & Certificate Programs

An associate’s degree at a two-year institution is designed to prepare you for a job in fields such as business, health, technology, or public service, or to transfer after your first two years to a four-year institution. The Connecticut State Community College is a public, two-year degree granting institution consisting of twelve campuses located throughout the state. Local campuses include Gateway (New Haven), Housatonic (Bridgeport), and Norwalk. Students will select a “home” campus, but may take classes at any campus, based on convenience and course availability. 

Transfer Programs 

Through the Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP), graduates of Connecticut State Community College who earn an associate’s degree and have at least a 3.0 grade point average (3.3 GPA for business) are guaranteed admission to the University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources; or The School of Business. 

Additional transfer options are available through the Connecticut Guarantee. In this program, students with an associate’s degree from Connecticut State Community College and a qualifying GPA receive guaranteed transfer credits and junior standing to nine different independent institutions including Albertus Magnus College, Goodwin University, Mitchell College, Quinnipiac University, Sacred Heart University, University of Bridgeport, University of Hartford, University of New Haven, and University of Saint Joseph. 


Pledge to Advance Connecticut (PACT) funding covers the gap between the federal and state grants a student receives, and the community college tuition and mandatory fees. To be eligible, students must be first time college students (ECE and dual enrollment programs do not affect standing), who have graduated from a Connecticut high school and are enrolled in a degree or credit-bearing certificate program (carrying at least six credits). To be considered for PACT funding, students must also complete the FAFSA.