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Personalized Learning

Independent Learning Experiences

Formerly Independent Study

For those of you interested in full year or Fall semester Independent Learning Experiences, proposals for next year are now being accepted!

We are happy to share that this program is now available to Staples students, grades 9-12.

This year, we began a new program called Independent Learning Experiences. A part of this program provides students with the opportunity to create their own learning experience by focusing on an area of interest beyond our high school curriculum. Through an Independent Learning Experience, students spend a semester or full year independently or collaboratively moving forward to bring that passion project to fruition, with the support of the Pathways team and a faculty mentor.

If you have previously inquired about or have had an interest in an Independent Study or as a Teaching Assistant, those programs will now come through the Independent Learning Experience. The attached form will get you started in pursuing your independent interests.

Please complete the proposal form and return it in an e-mail attachment to . Once we receive your proposal, we will follow up with you via e-mail for next steps.

The deadline for proposals will be determined when we return to school in the fall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us, or you can visit us in the Personalized Learning Center, currently located in room 1011.

We look forward to receiving your creative proposals!

Best regards,

Kim Herzog
Jennifer Cirino