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Registration & Withdrawal

The Guidance Department manages registration, withdrawal, and school records, including transcript requests, for all current and former Staples High School students.

Registering Your Child at Staples

In order to register your child, please visit the Westport Public Schools district registration page and follow the instructions provided. Incoming Staples students and families are required to complete the district registration process online as well as a series of Staples forms found in the New Student Registration Packet and Information Guide. An appointment will then be scheduled with a Staples school counselor to complete enrollment and select courses. Contact Fran Geraci, guidance secretary, at 203-341-1225 or with questions related to the registration process.

Residency Requirements

Permanent residency (physical presence with an intention to remain) in the Town of Westport is the primary requirement for enrollment at Staples High School. Living with a Westport resident - even a close relative - for the purpose of attending Staples High School is forbidden under Connecticut law and Westport Board of Education policy. Also in accordance with Connecticut school law, being a land owner, tax payer, or business owner in the Town of Westport does not confer residency privileges for school purposes.

Proofs of Residency and Other Forms

Registration for students entering grades 9-12 for residents new to Westport is conducted through the Staples guidance office.

When registering their child, parents/guardians must be prepared to prove residency by providing the following documentation:

  • A rental lease or proof of home ownership (deed to home, mortgage statement, current property tax bill)
  • Secondary proofs in the form of:
    • Two current utility bills (land line telephone, water, electric, gas, oil, or cable television - not cell phone) AND
    • Photo ID (parent/guardian's CT driver's license, State ID card, or passport showing current Westport address)
    • New residents must provide secondary proofs within one month of enrolling their child.

Also required for registration are:

  • Student's birth certificate, passport, or adoption papers
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable)
  • Academic records (transcript/report card and standardized and state test results)
  • Acceptable Use Agreement (included in registration packet)
  • Student Email/Gmail Authorization (included in registration packet)
  • New Enrollee Verification of Residence (included in registration packet)
  • Westport Public Schools Registration Card (included in registration packet)
  • Release of Student Records (included in registration packet)
  • New Student Questionnaire (included in registration packet)
  • Notice of Student Admission Form (included in registration packet)
  • Health Forms (State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record, Student Medical Emergency Form, Health and Developmental Questionnaire; included in registration packet)

Future Residents

Many times families would like their children to attend Staples prior to the closing on their new Westport property. This is allowed under certain circumstances, and with certain stipulations:

  • Future residents may provide a contract of purchase with closing date, a construction contract with anticipated move-in date, or a dated rental agreement. This contract or agreement must be signed and dated by both parties.
  • Future residents must apply for admission through the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Unusual Circumstances

Occasionally circumstances arise which require a living arrangement different from those outlined above. In such cases, as with all changes in residence, your child's school office must be notified immediately. Legal documentation must then be completed through the Superintendent of Schools office in order for the student to remain in school.

Non-Resident Students

With the start of the 2000-2001 school year, the Westport Public Schools stopped accepting new non-resident tuition students, except for the children of Board of Education employees and special education students placed by their school districts through the Special Education department.

Arrangements for foreign students must be made through the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Withdrawing Your Child From Staples

If you would like to withdraw your child from Staples, please complete the Notice of Withdrawal form and return in person to the guidance office. All textbooks, library books, equipment, uniforms and other school property must be returned and accountabilities resolved by the date of withdrawal. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child's school counselor or Fran Geraci at 203-341-1225.