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How to Request a Transcript

Please note: the process below is only for students who currently attend Staples and are requesting their transcript for the purpose of applying to college. If you graduated from or previously attended Staples or are applying to private high schools or summer programs, click here.

In order to have your school materials (including transcript, secondary school report, counselor recommendation, and school profile) sent to colleges, please complete the following steps at least four weeks prior to your first college application deadline:

I. Common Application Account Matching

1. Create or log into your Common Application account.

2. In the Education section, select Staples as your current school.

3. Add at least one college to your ‘My Colleges’ list.

4. In ‘My Colleges,’ under any one college’s section, click on ‘Recommenders and FERPA’ on the left of the page, then the blue underlined ‘release authorization’ link in the center of the page under the FERPA heading. This will lead you through a series of questions to answer. Colleges prefer that you waive your right to access so that more credibility is given to the letters of recommendation.

5. Log into Naviance, click on ‘colleges’,’ then "Colleges I’m Applying To."

6. Click on "Match Accounts" on the right of the pink banner across the top of the screen.

7. Enter the same email address being used for your Common Application Account and your date of birth, then click "Match Accounts." Once you match accounts, it is very difficult to change your FERPA status and you cannot unmatch your account.

For an online tutorial on matching your Common Application and Naviance accounts, click here.

How to update your email address and user name in Naviance to match your Common Application email address: Click on the 'about me' tab in Naviance, then 'profile,' then click on the pencil next to your email address. If you also want to update your Naviance user name, click on the 'about me' tab, then 'account.'

II. Student and parent/guardian(s) complete Counselor Recommendation Questionnaires

a. Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire - Student

This will be used by your school counselor in writing your recommendation. Complete this form in Naviance.

b. Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire (Parent/Guardian) (Google Doc / Word Doc)

This will be used by your child's school counselor in writing his or her recommendation. The questionnaire is available in Naviance. You can also complete in Word or as a Google Doc (linked above), print a copy, and have your child turn it in with the Transcript Release Form or return it directly to your child's school counselor.

III. Student updates his or her resume

As part of the counselor recommendation questionnaire, students must complete a resume in Naviance or email their school counselor a copy of their resume/activity list completed outside of Naviance. Include any clubs, extracurricular activities, arts, athletics, jobs, volunteer work, summer experiences, and awards or accomplishments. The resume builder in Naviance can be found by going to About Me-->My Stuff-->Resume. To save your resume, select 'Print/Export Resume,' click on the pink plus button, and save your resume with a recognizable name (ex. resume 8.1.20 - smith, john).

IV. Student schedules an appointment with his or her school counselor and brings the following items:

a. Staples High School Transcript Release Form

This form is required in addition to the Privacy Notice completed online. Complete only one Staples High School Transcript Release Form regardless of how many colleges to which you are applying.

b. Print-out of ‘colleges I’m thinking about’ from Naviance (use screenshot to print on a single page)

If you have additional colleges on your list, highlight or circle the colleges for which you are requesting a transcript. If you are applying to a Common Application college, it must be listed on both your Common Application ‘My Colleges’ list and Naviance "Colleges I'm Applying To" list. For Coalition Applications, students must indicate as directed in their application that the transcript and other school materials will be sent through Naviance.

When making your transcript request, your counselor will review the above documents and move your colleges from 'colleges I'm thinking about' to "colleges I'm applying to." Your counselor will need to know how you are planning to apply to each college (i.e., Common Application, school-specific application, Coalition Application) and which deadline you plan to apply for (e.g., Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision).

Understanding Naviance Submissions Symbols

On your list of ‘colleges I’m applying to’ in the column labeled ‘Submissions,’ you will see one of five symbols identifying whether the college has its own application and/or accepts the Common Application and whether it accepts online transcripts or transcripts must be mailed:

School-specific application; accepts paper transcripts only

School-specific application or Coalition Application; accepts online transcripts

Common Application; accepts online transcripts

College accepts Common Application or school-specific application; student has indicated using school-specific application

College accepts Common Application or school-specific application; student must indicate which application will be used

Important Additional Information

  • Once the initial request has been made, additional transcripts may be requested at least one week prior to the deadline. Students only need to bring a printout of the "colleges I'm thinking about" list from Naviance with additional colleges highlighted to Mrs. Fugitt, transcript secretary, in the Guidance Office any day during the lunch waves.
  • First quarter grades, if required or requested by the college, will be sent on the report card separate from the transcript. Instructions for requesting first quarter grades will be provided to seniors in October.
  • It is the policy of the Staples Guidance Department that mid-year grades will be sent to all colleges for which you have already completed a transcript request, whether or not they are required by the college. Mid-year grades will be sent automatically; no additional request is necessary. If you are accepted early decision to a college, we will only send mid-year grades to that college.
  • A final transcript will be sent automatically to the college you have indicated you will attend.
  • For the Coalition Application, there is nothing additional that students need to do within MyCoalition for transcripts and recommendations to be sent through Naviance. Materials are sent electronically in the same way as for any other college once the steps on the previous page are completed.