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Post-High School Planning

Transcript Release Form (for college admissions)

Required form for requesting a transcript to be sent to colleges. See "How to Request a Transcript" for more information.

Transcript Release Form (for summer programs and private high school applications)

Required form for requesting a transcript to be sent to private school or summer programs.

Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire (Parent/Guardian) (Google Doc / Word Doc)

Required form for requesting a transcript to be sent to colleges. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to complete online through Naviance, but may download here if needed. See "How to Request a Transcript" for more information.

First Quarter Grades Request Form

First quarter senior year grades will only be sent upon request from the student.

Teacher Recommendation Questionnaire (Google Doc / Word Doc)

Complete for each teacher you ask to write a recommendation before the end of junior year (or at least four weeks before the first application deadline in senior year). Check with your teacher to see if they have their own individual questionnaire to be used instead or if they would like any additional information.

Student Description Form

Juniors are encouraged to distribute the Student Description Form to a few of their current or former teachers, coaches, club advisers, employers, etc., who can provide helpful information for the school counselor's letter of recommendation.

Pass to Attend a College Visit at Staples

Seniors must present this pass with the teacher's signature in order to attend a college representative visit in the College and Career Center.

Pre-Planned Absence Form

To visit a college during a school day, turn in this form to the assistant principal's office. Juniors and Seniors are allowed 2 days each year without penalty for college visitation.

Organizational Chart for College Search and Applications (Google Sheets / Excel Doc)

This chart can be used as template in the planning and organization of your college applications.

Student Eligibility Worksheet for Standardized Testing Accommodations (Information and Instructions for Classes of 2020-2022 / Class of 2023)

This form must be completed in order to request accommodations on the ACT or College Board exams.

NCAA Eligibility Center Transcript Release Form

Required form for requesting a transcript to be sent to colleges. See "Athletics and College Admissions" for more information.

Academics and Scheduling

Community Service Credit Form

Students may earn credit for community service (.25 credits for every 30 hours, up to 1.0 credit per school year). Credit may only be earned for community service conducted while a Staples student and outside of the school day.

Course Withdrawal Form

A student seeking to withdraw from a course after the 30th day of the term must complete the Course Withdrawal Form. The grading policy for course withdrawals can be found in the SHS Student Handbook.

Early Graduation Application

A student who has completed all requirements for a Staples diploma may be allowed to graduate early with parent/guardian, school counselor, and administrative approval. The student must apply by June 30 of junior year. Students should see their school counselor if considering this as an option.

Ninth Grade Course Selection Worksheet

This worksheet can be used by current eighth graders for assistance with choosing courses for next school year.

Override Form

In order to override a teacher's recommendation into a higher level course, this form must be completed and returned to the student's school counselor by the stated deadline.

Pass/Fail Form

A student may elect to take up to one credit per school year in any course(s) to be graded as Pass or Fail.

Pre-Approval Form for Coursework Taken Outside Staples

If a student wishes for a course taken outside Staples to fulfill a graduation requirement or be used for accelerated advancement within a course sequence, school counselor and department coordinator approval must be granted prior to enrolling in, and then upon completion of, the course using this form.

Course/Schedule Change Request Form

This form must be completed in order to request a change once the designated course selection window has passed. Requests will be prioritized based upon academic necessity and space availability. Completed forms must be returned to the Guidance office.