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College Planning and Applications

For a comprehensive description of the college process through Staples High School see the 2016-17 Guide to Post-High School Planning and College Applications.

The Staples High School Guidance Department follows a developmentally appropriate post-high school planning timeline, starting in December with juniors through an overview of the process in classroom presentations and workshops on performing a college search in Naviance. In January, we hold a Junior Parent Night program covering the process in depth.

Juniors and their families are encouraged to schedule an appointment to see their school counselor second semester. These meetings typically include the following: reviewing the transcript, graduation requirements, and senior year course selection; developing an appropriate standardized test schedule; and discussing college and career goals. Knowing that college is not the immediate next step for all students, we may discuss alternative options.

In the spring, juniors and their parents will have the opportunity to attend College Panel Night to hear from current admissions representatives about the college process. Juniors will also meet in small groups with their counselors to follow up and check in on their progress in the post-high school planning process. They will discuss tasks that would be beneficial for students to complete prior to the start of senior year.

Early in September of senior year, students will receive information explaining the college application, teacher recommendation, counselor recommendation, and transcript request process in their English classes. Parents will receive the same information at the Senior Parent Coffee morning presentation. While specific details will be presented at that time, please note that all forms are available on the SHS Guidance website and can be downloaded and worked on over the summer between junior and senior years.

Your junior and senior years are filled with excitement, hard work, and many important decisions about your future. The Guidance Department and College and Career Center staff are here to assist you and your family.

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