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Senior Parking
Dear Class of 2020,

Senior parking stickers will go on sale on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 in the Main Lobby.

Included in this email is the Senior Parking Request Form, please complete the requisite information before purchasing your permit. You must pre-register using the online parking request form prior to coming in for a sticker.

This year the town is hoping to install solar canopies in Lot 8, to the left of the pool facility. This lot is comprised of 90 spots which will not be available at the start of school. We are awaiting more information to determine if the lot will be available this year.

The following is required at the time of permit purchase:

Completed Senior Parking Request Form:
Driver’s license
Vehicle registration
$150.00 / cash or check made out to Staples High School

Additionally, please know that accessing your vehicle during the school day is not permitted without permission from a school administrator. Also, Staples High School is not an open campus. Therefore, once you are in the building you must remain throughout the day through your last class.

According to the Staples handbook:
Going to the parking lot/being outside the building without prior approval or being in an unauthorized area carries a consequence of a monitored study or detention, if occurring a 3rd time will result in 1 day of in-school suspension.

Leaving school grounds without administrator's permission carries a consequence of a Saturday detention and loss of parking privileges for 1 month and if occurring again may put at risk your senior parking privileges.

Parking is a senior privilege, and seniors will be the only students allowed to park on campus. Please be cautious in your driving and be mindful of others on campus. Yellow numbered spots are for staff only, and students who park in these spots will lose their eligibility for parking. Any questions please let me know.

Class of '23 Tours

Freshman tours will take place August 19th-22nd by assigned appointment. If you cannot make your individual tour appointment then you are welcome to join us in the main lobby for the group tour on Friday August 23rd at 8:45 A.M..

Please click on the image above if you are taking a course next year that has summer assignments.

NEASC (New England Assoc. of Schools & Colleges) Report